• As a Consultant-Angular JS, you understand the client landscape and care about his business. At Xebia, you will learn a lot about smart responsive design. Being the front-end developer, you would employ the best practices to meet the target and bring the desired outcome. You have the ability to work independently yet passionate enough to guide your team about the process of software development. Your role is imperative in providing post-launch support for defect and problem resolution.  Also, you get to work closely with the engineering leads to understand the details and constraints of technical implementations.


      • We expect you to be updated with front-end technologies.
      • You must be able to contribute to open-source communities. You have the enthusiasm to write blogs, contribute to communities like Stack overflow.
      • You should have a public repository of your portfolio.
      • You have experience in building next generation web applications alongside Java and Spring MVC.
      • You have experience in utilizing client side technologies to develop responsive user experience.
      • You have knowledge of frameworks like Aurelia, ReactJS.
      • You have an experience of 3-10 years.


Bangalore or Gurgaon


A world-changing, visionary and thought-leadership company

At Xebia, we nurture passion, cultivate knowledge, foster challenges so that our people can push themselves one step ahead. Our people are not defined by any boundaries rather, we push each other to create some awe-inspiring stuff.

We do not create peer pressure; we create peer challenge!

For us, culture is important and it plays a crucial role in promoting an environment that is conducive to creativity and productivity. The titles we have for people doesn’t matter much to us. We believe you can create your own position and power through your exemplary work. You may feel as comfortable talking to the CEO as you do with one of your teammates.

We are selective and bring in people who are problem solvers, creative, passionate about their ideas, love to code and get their hands dirty with it.

We are a group of engineers, data scientists, designers and thought leaders. We continuously strive for our values, constantly enhancing our knowledge, delivering the finest, quality products and services.

You bring your talent. We give you the freedom and the platform to hone them.

At the end of the day, a good job is about loving what you do and doing what you love.