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    Let’s have breakfast together! Learn about Transavia’s story and get inspired for your journey towards becoming a high-performance IT organization. Xebia cordially invites you to our breakfast session with Transavia. 

    This breakfast session introduces you to the major challenges organizations encounter when building a high-performance IT organization. Transavia’s and Xebia’s story will provide you with indispensable tips and techniques ready to apply in your organization.

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    Transavia’s story
    With the business propelling, Transavia has recognized the need to build a high-performance IT organization – now, before more turbulent times arise. The IT organization is pivotal in achieving Transavia’s business goals so a fit-for-the-future IT organization is a must.

    Challenges Transavia experiences include addressing the technical debt which has accrued in years, taking adequate measures against the cyber security risks, and speeding up delivery. Most importantly, however, the IT organization’s culture also needs some new fuel. High-performance teams characterize themselves by a can-do mentality, autonomous decision-making, an experiment mindset that accepts failures, and helping each other out.

    Transavia’s journey is characterized by improving the delivery teams and taking steps in the areas of platforms, architecture, continuous delivery, and measurements. Wendy Zwaaf, IT Delivery Lead of Transavia, will shed light onto the day to day challenges and pitfalls encountered in this journey and the decisions made to overcome them.

  • Agenda

    • 07:30 Welcome & start breakfast 
    • 08:15 Presentation "Building High-Performance IT Organizations - Wendy Zwaaf & Michiel Sens
    • 09:30 Closing remarks and ready to start your working day with new ideas and knowledge

    In case of any questions, please feel free to contact aalbrecht@xebia.com or rvanderwal@xebia.com