Meetup Details

Food and drinks: 6:30 pm
Start presentations: 7 pm
End presentations: 8 pm sharp

For this second Blockchain in Business Meetup at the GoDataDriven office we are pleased to announce the following two speakers:

Olivier Rikken, Blockchain and Smart Contracts Expert at Axveco

Michiel Sintenie, Senior Business Development Manager at Nuon

How to get a large enterprise on the blockchain, step 1

In the past period, Michiel Sintenie has been paving the road for the first Blockchain applications within Nuon. In this talk, Michiel shares his experiences with the adoption of new technologie, like Blockchain, in a large corporate environment. He will discuss the potential impact of blockchain on the energy market, his experiences with blockchain hackathons, and pointing out use cases.

Disrupting the insurance market
Olivier Rikken will talk about his venture Oursurance, a true peer-2-peer (Ethereum) blockchain & smart contract based insurance concept.

As a result of blockchain and more specifically smart contracts it is now possible to design new business models for the insurance market that give an answer to the current struggles of the incumbent insurance companies on the one hand and offer cheaper, faster and more transparant insurances for the customers. This all without an increase in non compliance and default for the customers, au contrair, this will decrease.

Please make sure to register with your full name, as the host requires attendees to register at the entrance.