Meetup Details

For our next meetup we are pleased to announce the following three speakers:

Emanuele Francioni - Web3 Ventures

Andy Zondervan - Rightsshare

Rick Schmitz - Legal Things

Blockchain beyond crypto: decentralisation without a currency

Crypto currencies are just a creative solution to the decentralised consensus problem, but they are not the only one.
Traditional corporations are more likely to profit from the adoption of blockchain technology by using a different, and less risky approach.In his presentation Emanuele Francioni, a seasoned blockchain entrepreneur and the founder of Web3 Ventures, will present the coin-less alternatives to the mainstream cryptocurrency based technologies.

As a public speaker and founder of several blockchain related businesses, his goal is to promote and kickstart new business models built around the concept of autonomous decentralisation and trust-less transactionality.

Having spent more than a decade in leading various multi-disciplinary development teams, Emanuel has delivered multi-million technology projects for top corporate organizations, such as Tomtom, Commerzbank and Vitrociset.

RightsShare - Andy Zondervan Rightsshare is reshaping the music industry with a blockchain-based solution for open standard music licensing. They are implementing radical changes by working with artists such as DJ Hardwell who was the first DJ in the world to put his rights into a blockchain. The Dutch top DJ expects that the technology will result in more transparency and a more honest distribution of rights and funds within the foreseeable future. “This will change the music industry radically and forever.” This blockchain platform enables Hardwell to monitor its activities and streaming revenues from its own numbers so they can be received immediately. With this technique music providers such as Spotify, YouTube and soon, Facebook, will know how much they need to pay for each track without having to rely on numerous sources and vague ownership claims. Now “transparency” is no longer just a word in the music licensing industry!

Legal Things - Rick Schmitz

LegalThings started in 2014 as a platform to digitize agreements. Rather than just generating text and automating signing, they focused on the logic within a contract. In 2016 they added proof of existence (using the Bitcoin blockchain) in their application for the documents being signed / agreed. Rick Schmitz will describe how their experimentation with smart contracts as a replacement for paper contracts, and the limitations encountered as a result, led to the creation of LegalThings One, a platform that empowers users to automate regulations or agreements as “Live Contracts” on the blockchain.