Meetup Details

For this first Blockchain in Business Meetup at the GoDataDriven offices we are pleased to announce two great speakers that have been applying Blockchain in practice for quite a while.

First up: Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, Blockchain Entrepeneur & Digital Transformation Manager will guide us through the developments within the Blockchain space.

• What is Blockchain Technology and what does it mean to your business?

• What regulations do we need when Blockchain will be common practice in areas like Government, eCommerce and Financial Institutions?

• Can we prepare our networks in terms of security, availability and speed when Blockchain applications will consume more bandwith and capacity?

• What new roles will be required and how do we prepare students for this new world?

Next up: Johan Lemmens, Head of Innovation at Nationale Nederlanden, and Giovanni Marjenburgh, Lead DevOps Engineer, who will speak about the several projects this insurance organisation has initiated with Blockchain.

Please make sure to register with your full name, as the host at GoDataDriven requires attendees to register at the entrance.