How to build an event-driven architecture and manage your CD pipeline using AWS Lambda.

We will start the meetup with a tech-talk by Kenny Baas on how serverless improved his Continuous Delivery efforts:Serverless Architecture using AWS Cloud Technology

  • “Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s an essential part of it. Failing in a controlled and tested environment helps us to learn and improve; a core principle of continuous delivery.
  • Serverless technology gives us the power to fail faster, and more often. Since there are no servers to manage, you can create isolated, production-like environments much faster. Because of this, it will be easier to create and run pipelines which will run faster and more stable.
  • However, new technology always comes with new challenges. Join me in this talk where I will describe the challenges we faced in building serverless applications in a continuous delivery pipeline and show you how we have addressed them.”

After the talk, it is time to stretch your coding fingers. Let’s go next-level. You will learn how to set up an event-driven architecture with serverless components of AWS. You get to know several usecases which can be approached with a serverless architecture.
We will challenge you with several real-life usecases. Instead of walking the beaten path of the traditional solution, let's discover the Lambda approach.

We are looking forward to sharing our ideas with you and having vital discussions. Xebia will provide dinner & drinks.

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When: February 28th, 2018, 18.00 

18:00-18:45 Doors open, food & drinks (doors close at 18:45!)
19:00-19:45 Continuous Delivery with Serverless by Kenny Baas
20:00-21:00 Set up an event-driven architecture by Thijs de Vries & Marcel Jepma

Seats are limited.