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AI Maturity Self-Assessment

What it takes to become an AI-driven organization

AI Maturity Self-Assessment

Indicate your maturity level across all the aspects of AI Maturity and receive an insight in the estimated maturity level of your organization.

Your roadmap towards AI competency

The goal of the AI Maturity Model is to provide insight in your current competencies and ways to improve them. The AI Maturity Model both looks at the Analytical Capabilities and Business Adoption within your organization.

Four Stages of AI Maturity

  • Initialization
    Find and initiate First use cases: indentify opportunities, boot up data, people and tools.
  • Continuous Experimantation
    Expand team and infrastructure while the number of AI products implemented increases
  • Enterprise Empowerment
    Grow AI practice across all business units and put business driver’s seat; buy in required!
  • AI Democratization
    AI literacy in genes of company; anyone has skills required to make AI driven decisions.