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You studied Agile and made sure all mechanisms are in place. So what's going wrong? Why are you still running into the same problems, and why are results lagging? Transformations fail due to a lack of buy-in, vision, direction, or preparation. Changing the way you work is notoriously difficult to do. We frequently meet organizations that preach Agile but act traditional. So, how do you realize the change you envisioned?

Our approach gets you back on track! Together with you we find out what's going wrong. Do your people lack the knowledge? Is there another framework that is better suited to your business? Or, is technology a roadblock? We expose the pain points, fix what's broken, and ensure that Agile will continue to work for you and not against you. We have 20 years of experience in helping organizations adopt a new - Agile - way of working. We recognize the struggles and know the solutions. Let's turn the tide!



Structuring Agile; paradox or silver lining?

Article: Structuring Agile; paradox or silver lining?

Q&A Session: Agile Portfolio Management with Philips and Xebia

Repair Agile: Our 3-step approach

Repair what's broken! Drive business value, breathe Agile.


  • Diagnose Repair Agile

    Diagnose: Before we can address the problems, we need to know what causes them. What is the reason your transformation is not taking off? We use this knowledge to take action.

  • Transform Repair Agile

    Transform: We know the pain points and work with you to fix them. You'll get closer and closer to being a Truly Agile organization: responsive to change, ready to compete with industry leaders and driving business value.

  • Upskill Repair Agile

    Upskill. During this journey, your organization will learn what Agile is. Anchor the change with a solid dose of knowledge and skills. Your teams and leadership can make or break Agile, ensure they have what they need towards continues learning.


  • Serge Beaumont
    Serge Beaumont

    Senior Agile Consultant, co-author of Scrum@Scale

  • Jasper Lamers
    Jasper Lamers

    Senior Agile Consultant

  • Marianne Pot
    Marianne Pot

    Senior Agile Consultant

  • Rik de Groot
    Rik de Groot

    Senior Agile Consultant

  • Jarl Meijer
    Jarl Meijer

    Senior Agile Consultant

  • Marnix van Wendel de Joode
    Marnix van Wendel de Joode

    Senior Agile Consultant

  • Matthijs Kouw
    Matthijs Kouw

    Senior Agile Consultant

  • Menno van Eekelen
    Menno van Eekelen

    Senior Agile Consultant

  • Rutger de Wijs
    Rutger de Wijs

    Senior Agile Product Management Consultant

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