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The way of working is not working anymore in your organization. Innovation fails, performance is lousy, and you can never seem to respond to the market in time. Of course, you are focused on results - they are plummeting before your eyes. But, what if you could focus on you team, your customers, and deliver real value? This is what Agile is all about. And if you do it right, you will work faster, better en smarter as a result. So how do you become that company where unprecedented creativity drives innovation? The company that talented professionals want to join? By taking the first steps towards Agile!

Making your organization Agile is complex and comes with a lot of changes. You will need the tools, the strategy, and, at the same time, the flexibility to make it happen. Our approach focuses on creating buy-in, educating the workforce, assessing and addressing issues, and ultimately, speeding up your Agile transformation. We are experienced and certified in all Agile Frameworks to help you with the right frameworks or with a combination of frameworks. Working together towards Business Agility.

Explore and diagnosing your Agile Transformation

Article: Exploring & diagnosing your Agile Transformation

Prepare for driving the change

Agile and Scrum in the Construction Industry


First Time Agile: Our 3-step approach

Starting the change towards an Agile culture

  • Diagnose First Time Agile

    Diagnose: A broad set of assessments to understand organizational, cultural, and leadership readiness. We examine reasons for change and create direction and focus for you unique change strategy.

  • Transform First Time Agile

    Transform: Using a transformation roadmap, we help you holistically implement the Agile way of working. We guide this culture change from A to Z by covering IT, Agile procurement, HR and Marketing.

  • Upskill First Time Agile

    Upskill: Embed Agile in the organization through sharing knowledge. We offer a Learning Journey for each role, tailer-made, mix of on-demand, online, and classroom learning to ensure sustainable Agile success. We will guide you through the learning process.


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    Cynthia Maasbommel

    Senior Agile Consultant

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    Jasper Lamers

    Senior Agile Consultant

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    Irene de Kok

    Senior Agile Consultant

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    Marianne Pot

    Senior Agile Consultant

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    Erik van der Velde

    Senior Agile Consultant

  • Just Meddens
    Just Meddens

    Senior Agile Consultant

  • Rutger de Wijs
    Rutger de Wijs

    Senior Agile Product Management Consultant

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