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You're nailing Agile, and you're curious what else is possible! As an organization you're ready to take the next step towards continuous innovation. Now that you have laid the foundation, you can choose to deepen or broaden this approach. Do you want to enable the next step in the personal growth path of your workforce, inject even more autonomy into your business, or, like most great start-ups, become less cost-driven and more innovation-driven? Agile NXT investigates growth possibilities, seizes opportunities with you, and ensures that your employees also lead in this change with their knowledge and skills.

Moving beyond Agile often transcends your own business. To make the next move, it's extra important that your people and your partners are on board with your plans. Our approach helps organizations to scale and expand Agile. We place your dot on the horizon, make a solid plan to work towards it in the coming months or even years, including unique learning journeys.

Serious Gaming

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Accelerate Simulation

Serious Gaming: A new way of learning

Agile NXT: Our 3-step approach

Improve From Every Angle

  • Diagnose Agile NXT

    Diagnose: Includes assessments on all levels: organization, workforce, and result impact tracking. These analyses are the tools we use to map out the next steps for your Agile journey.

  • Transform Agile NXT

    Transform: Every next step in Agile involves implementing a scaling framework, training your people, or introducing new tools. We share our know-how of X-cracy, Scrum@Scale, and Lean Agile Procurement, among others.

  • Upskill Agile NXT

    Upskill: Every organization goes through several significant changes, and an essential success factor is getting your people on board. Knowledge is a priority. We arrange tailor-made Learning Journeys for every member of the organization.


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    Gino N. Shahidi

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    Ellen Barree

    Senior Agile Consultant

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    Rik de Groot

    Senior Agile Consultant

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    Theo Gerrits

    Senior Agile Consultant

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    Serge Beaumont

    Senior Agile Consultant

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