Agile Consultancy

Today’s most successful businesses are open to change. They know that continuous innovation is critical to meet customer needs and remain competitive. New ways of working are needed to survive and thrive in a fast-moving, technology-driven world. This doesn’t always mean turning your business model upside down. Maybe, you need to work smarter.

An Agile way of working requires many aspects of your business to be reviewed, refreshed, and reorganized. Agile increases revenue, shorten TTM, reduce personell costs, and improve quality. But do you really get the benefit? Are you achieving the right business results?

Our goal is to, step by step, realize a change in the way you work. To get the job done, we first assess your current situation, create direction and make an Agile roadmap. We guide you through the significant shifts in behavior, culture, and values required to go from complexity to simplicity with a focus on people and achieve better business results.

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Assessments &

Assess people, teams and organization. Define Agile Roadmap with goals, objectives and results. Get alignment within client organization on goals, objectives and results.

Agile Consulting Services

Improve effectiveness of people, teams and organization. Implement and improve Way of Working. Design Organization Model. Implement Organizational & Culture Change.

Business Transformation

Agile Program Management. Support Client Leadership towards Agile. Fulfill Chief Agile Coach role. Transformational Management.

Training &

Defining and executing learning paths within your organization growing the Agile capability. Certified Trainings on foundation, professional and masterclass level. Scrum training, SAFE, Less, Agile Frameworks. Leadership and Management training.

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Meet our Business Agility Consultants

Meet our Agile consultants

Our 30 Business Agility Consultants and Certified Trainers are here to help you future-proof your people and your product(s). During our collaboration, we continually evaluate your progress as well as our added value. We work with professionals who have impressive track records, like Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum, and the founders of frameworks like SAFe and LeSS. We trained more than 25000 leaders, scrum masters and Agile coaches, are active speakers at (inter)national Agile conferences and are accredited Agile trainers of and Agile Alliance. We understand that an Agile organization is not built overnight. That is why we are here to support you every step of the way.