Michael van der Tweel

Time management is crucial in my role. Even if I have a “perfectly” planned day, there’s a big chance I’ll get distracted from that plan by requests and queries that require urgent attention. Welcome to my life!

As a facility manager, my team and I are responsible for the “essence” of Xebia. We work with the security team, facility supporters and our other colleagues to create and ensure a wonderful “Xebia experience” for every visitor, every day. Even though Xebians all value and share the quality of self-reliance, we’re also always happy to help and support others, wherever we’re needed. Because of this vibe, I feel and know that I’m working for a special company. Every day is a pleasure to work here.

I’ve grown a lot in my years at Xebia, taking on new challenges and going outside my comfort zone to advance to new levels in my career. The two biggest highlights that I’ve enjoyed the most so far happened in 2016. We moved from our villa to our new 4000 square meter building in Hilversum while simultaneously building a new office in Amsterdam at the Wibautstraat. I’ll never forget working on these renovations and restyling projects. It feels good to know I played a part in making Xebia look and feel like the cool, cozy and charming place to work that it is today!

If you’d like to come check out our offices, please get in touch!