Jeroen Willemsen

I became part of the Xebia family in 2013 as a full-stack software developer. The experience is great: I learned new things every day and was happily invited to share the knowledge that I developed as well!

Let's have coffee

Sharing knowledge has been a central theme to my Xebian lifestyle ever since. From when we started our knowledge sharing group Xebia Black -a cross-unit security guild, to when we founded Xebia Security. The knowledge-sharing does not end internally, but Xebia supports us to go outside and share what we do at Xebia with the rest of the world!

Now, I am a principal security architect at Xebia Security: I do pentests, security automation, development of secure building blocks, threat-modelling, risk management, security architecture development and more. The beauty of it all lies in the diversity of the things we need to do to secure the SDLC.

I get to work with great colleagues from Xebia Security and many other parts within the Xebia Holding. We can have security in the fast lane, thanks to the fact that we can stand on shoulders of giants.