Gino N. Shahidi

As an agile product management consultant, coach, and trainer at Xebia Netherlands, my colleagues and I help organizations become more agile to create more satisfied customers. An important aspect of their transformation involves product and innovation, which is my area of focus.

Although many organizations can master speed and time-to-market efficiency, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily building the right things.” How your product and innovation impacts your customer matters just as much, if not more than, how fast you get it out there.
That’s where my job comes in. I make sure product owners, and innovation managers in the Netherlands deliver results by providing the input and answers they need to address their innovation issues and questions.
Working with Xebia over the past few years has given me the opportunity work with many large organizations in the Netherlands, including ING, Volksbank, NN, and Transavia. I love going behind the scenes with these big clients, taking on their challenges and working together to get results. When the customer is happy, I’m happy.
That’s another reason why I love working at Xebia - they place a lot of trust in the consultants and give us plenty of room for personal growth. In my daily role as a coach, I facilitate personal development on two different levels - behaviors and results/craftsmanship. I use different methodologies, including agile, lean, lean startup, design thinking and others to accomplish this with each customer.
I also develop and provide training related to product and innovation. The combination of coaching and training strengthens my skills and knowledge because I’m active in the field daily. It also works the other way around, because I’m continually developing my training and coaching methods. Working at Xebia has been the most significant boost to my career and craftsmanship.