Femke Bender

During the eight years that I’ve worked at Xebia, I’ve been able to focus most of my energy on growing Xebia Academy. I love organizing, planning, solving, and structuring, especially when dealing with complex issues. Everything about my role here at Xebia allows me to excel in my passions. The tasks involved with doing my job are very dynamic, so even after many years, my career continues to challenge me.

I’m continually learning and changing. I work very closely with my colleagues and our customers to create lasting relationships. Together, with the growing Xebia Academy team, we support our customers and help them shape and develop their careers.

In addition to our daily responsibilities, Xebia also encourages us to initiate and develop our own ideas - so, I also organize meetups for nlScrum. Each of us here also receives a personal training/professional development budget. I use mine to attend seminars, conferences and courses that help me grow professionally in my job every day.

But maybe the most beautiful and special thing about Xebia is its attention on social activities and building a community. We have fantastic events, like sailing weekends, Halloween movie night, golf and squash tournaments, beach and Christmas parties - which you’ll be able to attend if you join us! We work hard at Xebia, but there’s always room for the fun stuff. This balanced focus on both work and play helps create strong bonds between us- many of our colleagues are also weekend friends!