Office Manager

Diana de Kruijf

An Ordinary Day as an Office Manager

8:15 am Coffee, turn on notebook. Check in with colleagues, Peter and Maria.
8:45 am More colleagues walk into the office and start chatting.
9:00 am Create today’s To Do” list. Review our office support Scrum wall.
9:18 am A consultant enters who would like to join a conference, but the Early Bird” discount expired this morning. Uh-oh, am I too late? Well, we’re going to do it anyway, no problem. 
9:24 am Ping! A plug pops out. I can’t get the power up and running, not even with help from our techies.” Attempt to get in touch with our facility manager, Michael. Oh no, he has the day off! Okay, better try to fix this myself.
10:18 am Check Dropbox for number… Found it! Schedule an electrician to arrive early this afternoon.
10:30 am Coffee!
10:38 am Check email. Schedule two appointments for our CEO Daan Teunissen. Create Beach Event evaluation.
10:50 am Open intranet page. Begin writing concept text for Skibia event. Ask colleagues to check it. Plan to get this online this afternoon, just before the weekend starts.
12: 30 pm Lunch in our Grand-Cafe. I spot a colleague, and remember I must do something for him, but what? … Check my notes.
1: 30 pm Electrician arrives. Ah, I forgot.
2: 00 pm Meet with Guido from the finance department.
3:00 pm Take a look at my To Do” list. Hmmm… not much worked out yet. A lot to do, let’s go!
3:12 pm Call finance regarding Skibia budget.
3:22 pm Call recruitment about the vacancy.
3:34 pm Order two gifts for jubilees.
3:46 pm Check email and answer priorities.
4:00 pm Get a cup of tea.
4:10 pm Check with Daphne about whether or not Bootcamp dinner still starts at 6:00 pm tonight. It does, yes!
4:18 pm Short discussion with consultant about trip to Las Vegas. Will it be a hotel or Airbnb? Airbnb is cheaper. Message hosts about two rooms on Airbnb.
4:45 pm Call from colleague. Text is ready to go online. Great! Cut, paste, save and voila!
5:06 pm Unit manager walks by. Back from holidays. Short chat.
5:15 pm Last check on priorities and close the day. Ready for Bootcamp dinner.
Another hectic day, but I love it! Everyday is a surprise that makes my work fun!