Arjan Molenaar

The combination of Continuous Delivery, Test Automation & Software Development. As a software engineer and consultant with an eye for quality, I have worked for Xebia for over eight years. That's a long time, especially within ICT. One thing that binds me to Xebia is its changing and challenging assignments.

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I’m also especially attached to all the knowledge sharing opportunities and exchanges I have with my colleagues. In addition to working on client projects, there's room to supervise workshops and conduct audits with different companies, which are also very educational.

Our field of study is continuously changing, and so it’s great that Xebia is committed to sharing knowledge. There are no big meetings, but instead, a mini-conference where colleagues share their experiences and look for solutions to individual challenges, together. As a Xebia consultant, you're never on your own with a client; you can always fall back on your colleagues.

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